FBI director sees progress in the US' ability to fight cyberattacks

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FBI director sees progress in the US' ability to fight cyberattacks

FBI director James Comey has held office for more than a year, but he hasn't really had an opportunity to explain his views on camera. What does he think about the US' ability to cope with cyberattacks, for example? If you've been curious to understand his approach, you'll be glad to know that CBS News has posted the first part of an interview with Comey touching on these subjects. He reveals that he's happy with the progress the government has made on dealing with online intruders, even if it's clear that there's still a long way to go. As he explains, the US' digital defense is a lot like a high school soccer team. It's competent on the field, but no where near the World Cup skill it needs to stop many threats.

As for other insights? Many of them are familiar, such as the seeming omnipresence of Chinese hackers and the all-too-commonplace dangers that face everyday internet users. CBS teases that the next part of the interview will look at Comey's views on other issues, including iOS 8's tougher encryption, so it may be worth tuning in later. He has already spoiled some of the surprise, however -- in a recent press conference, he said that he's not a fan of strong encryption (including Apple's) that prevents investigators from collecting data.

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