Google takes you to the 'Endgame' of its augmented reality world

Updated ·1 min read

Back in January, Google teamed up with author James Frey to create a project which would combine interactive novels with augmented reality games. That effort was part of Google's interest in expanding the Ingress AR platform beyond its Niantic Labs, as it looked to share those tools with with third-party developers who could create titles of their own. Today, as part of the launch of Endgame: The Calling, the first from a series of three novels, the partnership between Frey and Google has officially kicked off this type of augmented reality/interactive game.

The idea is to build a whole world around these novels, so Niantic Labs is working on designing real-life puzzles, clues and treasure hunts, as well as web videos and other stuff that can complement each piece of writing. With Endgame, for instance, there's a website called Ancient Societies, which ties into the story by giving you more info from the lead characters in the story you're about to read. There's no doubt it's a refreshing take on interactive storytelling, so we'll see if more authors, publishers and developers decide to come up with something similar in the future.