NBA 2K15's face scan feature unleashes monstrous b-baller horde

When does a dream become a nightmare? It's the precise moment when you try to import your own face into NBA 2K15, apparently. User experimentation with NBA 2K15's new face scan feature has yielded terrifying results, and many models generated by players on the game's first day of release are barely recognizable as human.

This Imgur gallery shows what can happen when a promising feature goes horribly wrong. The worst results feature multiple sets of eyes, misplaced mouths, and melted facial features. It's the sort of extreme disfigurement you'd normally associate with the Umbrella Corporation or a Troma film -- only a glitch could prove so devastating to defining traits that we, as humans, take for granted.

More examples of NBA 2K15's face-destroying cruelty are collected at this Tumblr page, if you don't plan on sleeping tonight. Or ever.

[Image: 2K Sports / Imgur]