nobiggi: A big idea for big phones

nobiggi finger strap on an iPhone 6 Plus

Every once in a while we get pitched an accessory that initially sounds ridiculous and then ends up being quite useful. That's the case with nobiggi (US$7.99 or three for $18.99), a small microfiber patch that adheres to the back of your big iPhone or iPad and provides a small Spandex elastic strap that your finger can go into. The idea? It frees up your thumb from holding your device so that you can use it to navigate your touchscreen. Here's a short video showing how this all works:

The nobiggi folks at Mishmosh sent me a couple of these little finger straps, so I tried one out on the back of my iPhone 6 Plus - the perfect target for this product. You can also use 'em on "regular-sized" iPhones, iPads, you name it.

To install the 2.125 x 1.6 x 0.04 inch (53.98 x 40.6 x 1 mm) patch on the back of your iPhone, you just peel off a paper cover and then stick the nobiggi onto your phone or case. I'm currently sporting a Tech21 Classic Shell on my iPhone 6 Plus, so I slapped the nobiggi onto the back of that.

Slide a finger or two under the elastic strap, and all of a sudden you've gained a lot of control over your device. With that finger in the strap, you're less likely to drop the iPhone. And with your thumb free from gripping the iPhone, you're able to stretch it out as a "stylus" for your device.

Even if you use two hands to handle your whopper of a phone, nobiggi is going to help you feel more secure that you're not going to drop that expensive investment.

If you decide to take the nobiggi off, just pull really hard on the elastic strap and it will come off, leaving no residue. You'll be able to put it back on easily with no loss of grip.


Is keeping your big iPhone from falling out of your hand worth $8? If so, definitely consider getting a nobiggi. You'll feel more secure, your iPhone 6 Plus will be just as thin, and you'll gain some UI navigation skills you may have lost when you went to the bigger phone.

Rating: 3-1/2 stars out of 4 stars possible

three and one half star rating out of four stars possible