The next iOS update will likely block your favorite game emulator

If you're using iOS, you'd better not get too attached to your favorite unofficial game emulator -- there's a real chance that you won't have an easy way to load it before long. The GBA4iOS team has noticed that the iOS 8.1 beta fixes a loophole that lets you install third-party emulators and other unapproved apps simply by rolling back the date on your device. This won't prevent you from installing emulators if you're willing to jailbreak, but you'll have to give up the luxuries afforded by official support (such as timely OS updates) if you want to relive your gaming glory days on an iPhone.

As tester Dario Sepulveda explains, it's surprising that the workaround lasted as long as it did. Apple regularly patches security holes that allow for unofficial code, and copyright holders like Nintendo probably wanted those flaws eliminated ages ago. Whatever the reasoning behind the fix, you're going to have to make a tough choice if you like playing old-school games on modern hardware.

[Image credit: Dario Sepulveda, Flickr]