Take a look inside the cockpit of DARPA's self-driving tank

You've seen what DARPA's slimmer, lighter tanks of the future could look like and how they could evade RPGs -- now, you'll also see what's inside the high-tech war vehicle. As you'd expect, DARPA plans to design an advanced cockpit to go with the advanced tank, with a huge HD display and lots of automated elements. Automation's key to making the design work, since the Ground-X Vehicle Technology project aims to (1) reduce the number of people needed to operate a tank, (2) lower the pilot's workload and (3) make it easy to operate even for those with minimal training.

In the video below, you'll see a bunch of features DARPA's planning to include, such as a path planning and terrain classification system that show drivers the best route to take, as well as sensors that can track allies and enemies on the screen. The tank will also feature a full autopilot mode for when their operators need to take it slow even just for a bit.