Walking War Robots: War of the robots

Players battle other players in online multiplayer matches in Walking War Robots

Giant robots engage in intense online multiplayer battles to control and change beacons to their team's color in Walking War Robots (free with in app purchases). Players can unlock up to eight robots to battle with and 13 different weapon types which means a lot of options for customization and interesting play styles. Walking War Robots is compatible with iPhone 4S and up, iPad 2 and up, and iPod 5th generation running iOS 6.0 or later.

Large mechs take center screen in Walking War Robots. The size of the machines is replicated well in the 3D environment with robots towering over farmhouses and office buildings. The overall look of the game is nice, especially considering it is on mobile. If you are expecting console like graphics, you will be a little disappointed, but there are some pretty cool particle effects that add flair to the game and compliment the action packed battles.

Explosions from robots battling in Walking War Robots

Walking War Robots has online matchmaking, which means a stable internet connection is important so players don't get dropped out of the game. The online matches in Walking War Robots can take some time to complete depending on the skill level of other players. However, the matches are limited to 10 minutes and they usually take around 6 minutes from start to finish.

Online matches can range in difficulty from a good but not too difficult challenge with fairly equally matched players, to a match where most of the other players are stronger with more powerful weapons and mechs. New players might find some matches more difficult than others for that reason, which makes it hard to continue. After a few matches though, new players have a better understanding of how the game works and tactics to use in the different maps. One annoying problem with the matches in Walking War Robots is that the maps are randomly chosen for players to compete on, and it seems like there are only a few maps in all. This also means that players will replay a lot of the same maps, sometimes playing the same one twice in a row.

Players try to control points and make beacons turn their team's color in Walking War Robots

Another annoyance in Walking War Robots involve not being able to respawn when the robot dies. Players don't get to respawn when they die which oftentimes means players will be waiting awhile to battle again unless they exit the match and forfeit the silver and XP they could get. The final problem is that the joystick control is a little small which makes it hard to control the robot accurately.

Walking War Robots features a lot of different weapons players can purchase using silver earned in matches. This is a really nice feature as it adds depth to the base robot players get at the beginning of the game. These weapons are upgradable, which means if players really like a certain weapon, they can choose to use their silver on upgrading it.

If players get tired of using the base robot, there are more robots players can purchase with gold. However, gold is hard to get and it can take a good amount of time to earn enough to afford one of the robots. There is the option of using an in app purchase to speed up that process if players choose to do so, but it can get rather expensive depending on how much gold players need.

Robots face off against other robots in online battles to see who is the best in Walking War Robots

Walking War Robots is a fun online multiplayer zone capture game with energetic robot battles. Walking War Robots is free on the App Store and recommended for anyone who likes mech battle games and has a stable internet connection.