​HTC One M8 'Eye' appears in China with 13-megapixel camera

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Sean Buckley
October 10th, 2014
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​HTC One M8 'Eye' appears in China with 13-megapixel camera

Love the HTC One M8, but aren't quite sold on the company's dedication to UltraPixel technology? Good news -- HTC redesigned the M8 just for you! Bad news? It's only available in asian markets. If you're looking for differences, there aren't many: the M8 Eye appears to be the standard model in every respect save for the fact that the 4MP UltraPixel shooter has been replaced by a plain-jane 13 megapixel camera. Think of it as a metallic, not-so-waterproof Butterfly 2. The new M8 will ship with the same "Eye Experience" software as the HTC Desire Eye the company announced earlier this week, which also sports a 13MP camera in lieu of Ultrapixels. Don't worry though, HTC assured us it isn't abandoning UltraPixel technology -- it just wants to offer customers multiple options.

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