Humble Bundle celebrates IndieCade: Proteus, Ibb & Obb

This week's Humble Weekly Bundle is courtesy of IndieCade, the annual independent games festival being held in Los Angeles this week. The IndieCade 2 bundle features seven PC games and benefits both developers and the IndeCade Foundation, and it ends next Thursday, October 16. Three of the games are available to all donors: Cube and Star, Lyne and Ian Bogost's A Slow Year, an IndieCade 2010 award-winning game.

Those that spend at least $7.25 as of this writing will receive Ibb and Obb as well as Proteus, the former as a "Best Friends Forever Double Pack" that includes a second Steam key to give to a friend. By dishing out at least $8, players will also get Dinosaur Polo Club's Early Access game Mini Metro and Incandescent Workshop's Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator. The latter is a multiplayer-only game, which is why it will also come with a second Steam key for fellow starship troopers to enjoy. The final tier gives players four more copies of Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator in addition to all the other games listed, for $17.

[Image: Humble Bundle]