New Words with Friends lets you play solo even when you're offline

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Still playing Words with Friends? Well, then Zynga's rewarding your loyalty with a huge update on the app's fifth birthday, complete with a redesigned interface and new features. The New Words with Friends (yes, it's been renamed, as well) doesn't only look flatter than its predecessor, it also comes with a new feature called Solo Mode, which lets you play on your own without internet connection. It's apparently the game's most requested feature, most likely by folks who spend a lot of time outside coverage area... or those whose friends have abandoned the game years ago.

There's also a new Community Matches section, which was obviously inspired by dating app Tinder, as you can swipe other players' profiles either left or right to build a more personal list of potential opponents. Finally, you'll notice that there's now a dictionary and a word of the day section, and that you can now access your detailed stats, including the number of wins, losses and uniques from the time you started playing. You can download the New Words with Friends from either Google Play or iTunes anytime, though you may want to hurry and catch your pals while they're still interested -- solo mode can wait until everyone gets bored (again) and leaves your matches hanging.

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