Let this shape-shifting baton escort you around town

Don't you hate it when you have to constantly check your phone for map navigation, thus not able to fully enjoy the scenery while travelling? Rather than just switching to audio navigation (which can get annoying after a while), NTT Docomo believes tactile feedback is another possible solution, as demonstrated by its Yubi Navi ("Yubi" meaning finger in Japanese) concept at CEATEC. As you can see in the above GIF image, this simple handheld device can gently twist left and right to give turn directions to your thumb. But there's more: When paired with another Yubi Navi, the two users can simulate the feeling of holding hands by squeezing their own devices, as the lower part of the stick can push a bump up against the palm.

While we doubt this product will go mainstream in its current form (you may want to consider the vibration shoes as well), we can imagine how this can benefit the visually impaired when integrated into white canes. Another possible use case is indoor navigation in the likes of museums and theme parks, provided that it's a wireless version. Anyhow, we'll be keeping an eye on the Yubi Navi's development while we wait for a launch date, if ever.