Sony's PlayStation Experience is a two-day public gaming show in Vegas

Sony's holding a two-day PlayStation event in the middle of the desert, and it wants you to attend. Okay, technically Las Vegas isn't the middle of the desert, but it's certainly out there. What will said event entail? PlayStation social media man Sid Shuman says you'll, "Sit in on in-depth panels, meet the industry's best developers, score hands-on gameplay with tons of upcoming PlayStation games, collect free swag, and get a chance to purchase rare collectibles directly from their favorite game studios." It's kind of like PAX, basically, but all PlayStation. One more similarity to PAX? It'll cost ya. $50 for a one-day pass, $90 for both days. If those previous activities left you still sitting on the fence about attendance, Shuman also promises, "an exclusive first look at what's coming next in 2015, which I am told you will not want to miss." Project Morpheus details? Maybe a PlayStation helicopter? Who knows!

Hey, if nothing else, it's an excuse to fly to Las Vegas in December, right?

[Image credit: Sony PlayStation]