PlexiDrone is a highly portable quadcopter for budding aerial photographers

If there was a list of features we wanted on a ready-to-fly drone, it might well read like PlexiDrone's spec-sheet. Unlike many off-the-shelf hobby quadcopters, this one comes in bits that you "snap" together when needed, making it more portable. Furthermore, it comes with a hard-shell backpack, "follow-me" functionality (which is becoming more of a thing), obstacle avoidance, and retractable landing gear (no more "legs" in shot). Perhaps two of the more understated, yet interesting features are the ability to easily swap in different cameras, and that you can simply control it with a phone. Most of us have phones, right? And, if you own anything other than a GoPro, you won't have to go buy one just to use with the drone. PlexiDrone already met its funding, but if you're quick you can still reserve yours for $700, and sit tight until April next year for delivery.