PicPlayPost is a versatile little collage maker for iOS

PicPlayPost has been around a while, and the iOS app continues to evolve and improve. This free app (with one in-app purchase option) creates lovely collages that can contain video, audio, and even GIF animations. I like collages, and create them all the time with my landscape photos, but they are nice for vacation photos, holiday parties, sports events, anything really where you want to make something memorable and share it with others.

Using PicPlayPost is simple. First, you pick a frame layout from dozens offered. Next, select your photos, videos or GIFs. Scale them, flip them, select some music to accompany them, and you are on your way. There is also a complete set of filters so you can change the look of any individual frame in your collage. Videos can be set to loop endlessly, stop after playing, or play in a sequence. The same is true with GIF animations. There are trim controls for music and videos, and videos play at up to 30 fps. The app also allows you to create GIFs from a series of photos.

When you are done, your masterpiece can be exported to mail, your camera roll, Instagram and the usual social networks.

PicPlayPost works fine and has been updated for iOS 8. There are some differences between the number of videos that can be added under iOS 6 and 7. A new feature called #PicPlayPostShow takes a single slideshow and creates an animation automatically.

All your creations will have a watermark at the lower right frame, and a one-time US$1.99 in-app purchase removes it.

Another collage creation app I'm fond of is Diptic. The regular version ($0.99) creates static collages from photos, while Diptic Video ($1.99) lets you add videos.

PicPlayPost requires iOS 6.1 or greater. It's a universal app. It has a lot of features for free if you don't mind the rather bold watermark.