Turn a broken iPod into a fashionable, but fractured wallet

iPod wallet

Have a broken iPhone or iPod touch kicking around and want to do something with it? If you answered with a resounding "yes," then you should check out this Instructable from 13-year-old member trosen2109 that shows one clever way to recycle the "ready-to-be-discarded" device.

Rosen pulls the screen off his broken iPod and tears it apart to remove the internal electronics. With only the shell remaining, he then reassembles it into a nostalgic wallet. As a bonus for owners of older devices, the large 30-pin Dock connector port opening can be used to insert change.

The wallet may not be suitable for high rollers with a large wad of cash, but it may be practical as a disguised bank for small amounts of money. It's also a perfect lesson in making and creative electronics recycling.