Final Fantasy XIV announces special Game of the Year edition

This glowing book is significantly more difficult to read than I had anticipated.  It is hardly ideal.

If you've been longing to try out Final Fantasy XIV but wanted a new boxed edition of the game, you're in luck. Square-Enix has announced today that a limited edition boxed version will be available starting November 14th. Dubbed the Game of the Year Edition, it comes in a special collector's box resembling the in-game Book of Diamonds weapon, albeit most likely without the glow effects.

The box contains the game with all patches loaded (including 2.4, which is scheduled for later this month), a 60-day time card, and five art cards. If you already have the game, it's unlikely that you'll need another edition, but it can make for a fine gift for friends or family who haven't yet tried the game. The edition will only be available for the PC, though, so console players are out of luck, unless you just want the box and the time card.