In this 1996 video Apple talked incredibly polite trash about Windows 95

The debate between PC and Mac users over which system is better will likely never end, but since the fight rages on, we might as well enjoy its finer moments -- like this video Apple produced in 1996 talking polite trash about the Windows 95 operating system.

Over the course of 26 minutes Apple's Mike Bobrowicz makes the case against Windows 95. You want to install a new hard drive on your Windows PC? Oh hell, you don't even know how hard that's going to be. Well, surely your PC can use a Mac-formatted disc? You're going to be sadly disappointed. Can you talk to your Windows 95 PC? Mac is ready and listening right now, in a way that (to be honest) wasn't nearly as useful as the video makes it seem like it was.

This is easily the most polite trash talk ever released. If you enjoy cheesy vintage computer videos, pour yourself a nice drink and revel in the glory of 18-year-old technology.