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Nidhogg gets off the fence and onto PS4 and Vita this week

We were wondering when the frenzied fencing of Nidhogg was coming to PS4 and Vita, and now we know thanks to the PlayStation Blog. Messhof's mano-a-mano madness is listed among this week's new releases, which going by traditional PSN schedules should mean it hits North America tomorrow, October 14, and Europe the day after. There's no word on a price as yet but for reference the Steam version is $15. Also it's cross-buy on PSN, meaning if you purchase it for PS4 you get the Vita version free and vice-versa.

If you've yet to see Nidhogg in action - and you should - the game challenges two pixelated opponents to best each other with blades as they attempt to scroll from one side to the other. Sounds simple but it's a tense, terse affair of two-player swashbuckling, which for extra intensity can be opened up for up to eight players in take-it-in-turns tournaments.

The new PSN version supports both local and online multiplayer, and that can take place between PS4 and Vita players. Also, two players can duke it out on a single Vita, with the left stick controlling one fencer and the right stick the other. So if this week you see two people hunched around a Vita frantically screaming at one another, that's why. Hopefully.

[Image: Sony]