Rediscover treasure hunting with Figibox

Figibox Screenshot

Figibox is a location based messaging app. A user goes to a location of their choosing and can drop a Figibox message that can include text and photos for another user to access. You can also locate other Figiboxes left by other users and open them on location like you would with a classic treasure hunt. There is an option to send both public and private messages. Public messages (green Figiboxes) can be used to inspire and communicate with other users in your neighborhood. Private messages (red Figiboxes) can be used as a sentimental and fun way to message your nearby friends and family.

This app requires iOS7 or later is compatible with the iPhone, iPod, and iPad. It is optimized for iPhone 5.

Figibox locator

Upon downloading the app, a user can find messages close to them that have been created by the app developers. This is a tutorial of sorts. I went and found some of the boxes. which included messages about how to use the app and leave messages at locations. This app is a fun way to cleverly communicate something I noticed at a given location (graffiti, a local art piece, etc.), or if I simply want a friend to go out of their way to locate something cute I want to say to them.

The location service is very easy to use. I had no problem at all finding Figiboxes and opening them. The interface is designed with a basic white background, indicating that the creativity and artistic expression is left up to the user within their own Figibox messages. There is a lot of freedom to create something very original and interesting. I could see people getting hooked on creating experimental public messages with political and artistic themes.


I like the idea of giving a physical location to a message for the public, but this seems like an inefficient way to send messages to one specific person or even a group of close friends. If I were to send a visual inside joke I would just text the person. Additionally, there are apps that exist already (like instagram) that allow a user to post video and photo messages with a geographic location tagged.

The treasure hunting aspect of it could be fun publicly. I can see myself experimenting and seeing what myself and others are capable of creating and sharing. Someone with a bit of design sense and a strong voice could possibly become a Figibox celebrity user known for special artistic messages they leave in a community.

Figibox is new and I am really excited to see the app grow in popularity. Currently very few seem to be using the app regularly. I think once it takes off, it could be a really unique way of expressing yourself in your community through messages created on location.