Report: Saints Row: The Cooler was canceled THQ brawler

Saints Row: The Cooler appears to have been a fighting game canceled in the twilight years of publisher THQ. Unseen64 reports the brawler, which was in development at Heavy Iron Studios, tried to capitalize on the motion control movement from several years back. Two versions of the game were planned, with one for Xbox 360's Kinect and the other envisioned for PlayStation 3's Move peripheral.

Although it was supposed to be a motion controlled fighting game, The Cooler would have also reportedly have featured mini-games like poker tournaments and the ability to "get lap dances." Although, we imagine, providing lap dances would be a far better workout. Gotta work them glutes.

THQ abruptly canceled the project in the fall of 2010 over "quality concerns." We contacted current Saints Row owner Deep Silver to find out if the company had any future plans for The Cooler. A representative informed us the game's cancellation was way before their acquisition of the series and, furthermore, had never even heard of the game until we asked.