Buy4Me brings groceries to you

Buy4Me Screenshot

Buy4Me is a productivity app that helps users create grocery lists, and also find people in their area who are looking to earn coins to shop for other users. This app claims to be for people with limited time and mobility, and also for people who enjoy helping others in exchange for a tip. It requires iOS7 or later and is optimized for the iPhone 5 but also compatible with the iPad and iPod touch.

The app comes with two free coins. A user is able to purchase up to 30 coins for only $3.99. Announcing an order in the app costs 1 coin. You can declare your method of payment and how much you are willing to offer someone to run to the store and get your half pound of bacon or whatever it is you wish to get there.

Buy4Me App Purchases Screenshot

Users are able to buy groceries for other users and create lists for other users to claim. You simply add in whatever it is you are looking to buy, the amount you need, and you can also include notes specifying brand names. The price estimate is left up to the user, which is tricky. Prices for many items tend to vary from grocery store to grocery store and often change each week due to changes in produce availability.

The interface is user friendly and simple. Select "My Orders" to see your shopping lists you have created, and click "Go shopping" to view your open orders and previous shopping trips. The bright green and orange theme is pleasant. The icons - such as a grocery cart, a piggy bank, and notepads - while basic, are clear and purposeful indicators for what each tab is for.

Buy4Me Grocery List

I don't see this app being useful for places where online grocery delivery is already very popular. In big cities like New York, companies such as Fresh Direct allow someone to quickly arrange grocery delivery from professionals while also being able to see exact pricing for goods. I think it's risky to trust just any stranger to buy your food for you. I personally am not comfortable with giving out my address and paying a stranger who has not been hired by a company which would require a proper background check for employees.

Additionally, who is responsible for damaged grocery items or items the user wishes to return? If Buy4Me can figure out a way to link Facebook profiles and do background checks for grocery buyers (something apps like Airbnb do that seems to work most of the time), that might solve that issue, but it seems like a lot of work for grocery shopping when easier options already exist.

I recommend Buy4Me for people who are looking for a cheaper option for online grocery delivery. The app is also useful for users who are interested in delivering groceries to people who need some help keeping their shelves stocked.