Get satellite images from Google in every new Chrome tab

Taking a virtual tour through Google Earth and Street View is great and all, but sometimes you just quickly need to see a beautiful photo of the planet to make your day. That's where this new Earth View plug-in for Chrome comes in. Earth View shows you satellite images from Google Maps every time you open a new tab on Chrome, from mountain and forest landscapes to aerial views of the ocean and cities in the US. And if you want to explore more of the location on screen (say, the city of Aznalcóllar, Spain pictured above), just click the globe at the bottom right corner to see more satellite images. The downside is that it wipes out the old items living in each new tab, such as your recently visited pages and quick tabs. But if you don't mind and would rather see pictures of our planet, you can download the plug-in right now from the Chrome Web Store.