Luxy dating app doesn't care about poor people

Out of the many different app categories which exist today, dating is certainly among the most popular. Whether it's Tinder, Grindr, OkCupid or Siren, there's definitely something for everyone. And now that "everyone" includes arrogant, rich narcissists. Say hello to Luxy, a dating app that promises to "work just like Tinder," except that it allows you to "weed out the poor and unattractive." It's so absurd you'd assume it's a hoax. The app, which is available for iOS and Android, comes from the same humanoid creatures behind the website MillionaireMatch, where wealthy men and women can find other "successful and attractive" singles. Luxy takes that already questionable concept and races to the bottom with it. The press release even brags that Luxy is "basically Tinder without the poor people... In fact, the average income of male users on LUXY is over $200k and those who are unable to keep up financially are immediately removed from the service."

The most bizarre part isn't even the service itself, but rather the arrogant approach Luxy has taken in getting the word out. It's been reported that the Luxy's press representative and CEO went as far as emailing some journalists the following message: "What if you could just wipe the poors and uglies away like a bad Tinder match." It's so over the top that we're not entirely convinced the app isn't some satirical jab at the one-percent. But whether or not this is just a ploy by the company's enigmatic CEO to see how many awful people he can get to sign up for an awful service doesn't matter, because Luxy is real in one very important way -- it's an actual, functioning dating app filled with terrible human beings.