Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate ships 2M in Japanese debut

Enhanced re-release Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate has already hunted and gathered two million shipments in Japan after hitting retail shelves four days ago. Capcom specified the figure as shipments rather than direct sales to consumers, but it does include download purchases.

The early data suggests Capcom's on course to meet its projection of 3.9 million units for the 3DS action-RPG. After all, Ultimate isn't out in North America and Europe yet, and the original Monster Hunter 4 was limited to Japan. If Ultimate does go on to reach that figure it won't be far off the success of its predecessor, with Capcom noting today Monster Hunter 4 shipped more than 4.1 million copies - just to reiterate, that's in Japan alone.

As for when Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is taking to the seas in its noble quest to drive more broadswords through the beastly bank accounts of consumers, the short answer is we're still waiting on an exact release date. The slightly longer answer is Capcom's pinned an early 2015 release window for North America and Europe.

For some of what to expect from Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate when it reaches Western shores, it's worth checking out our E3 preview. Far more importantly, you should know you can go a-hunting dressed and geared up like Samus and Link, and with your Felyne companions clad like Sonic, Mega Man and Animal Crossing characters. Just like the monster hunters of yore.

[Image: Capcom]