Italy's first electric supercar comes from a brand you've never heard of

Italian supercar makers are willing to embrace hybrids, but they're reluctant to develop pure electric cars -- not surprising when they're virtually defined by their sweet-sounding gas engines. They may have to reconsider that strategy pretty soon. Tecnicar, a startup whose main claim to fame is a city car, has revealed plans to build the country's first super-fast EV, the Lavinia SE. The finished vehicle is expected to produce the equivalent of 800HP, or enough to take it to 62MPH in 3.5 seconds. That's just behind a Ferrari 458 Italia, folks. It should also be nimble thanks to both a lightweight carbon fiber body and high-performance ceramic brakes, and the 186-mile range will be enough for a blast through the countryside, if not much more.

As you might gather by looking at the 3D rendering shown here, the main catch is that the Lavinia SE isn't yet a practical reality. Tecnicar is currently building its first prototype in Sicily, and you won't see it in the metal until a car show in April. There's no release date or price, either, although it's safe to presume that this green machine will cost you a six-digit sum if and when it arrives.