Old Navy's machine turns your selfies into giant balloon art

Want to do more with your selfies than post them on Instagram for the umpteenth time? Old Navy might have a way to make them stand out... if just for a brief, glorious moment. The clothing shop is kicking off its 20th birthday by creating the Selfiebration machine, a 15 foot tall behemoth that converts Twitter photos into balloon art. All you do is tweet a photo to Old Navy with the #selfiebration hashtag -- after that, the device (co-designed by Deeplocal) rasterizes your self-portrait and displays it on a grid of nearly 1,000 balloons that inflate to different sizes.

The campaign runs between October 16th and 25th, and public machines will generate pop-up pics in New York City's Times Square (starting October 22nd) and Los Angeles' Hollywood & Highland Center (October 25th). However, you probably won't want to get too attached to any physical manifestations of your ego. The balloon stations will cycle through photos every 30 seconds, and you'll only see the fully inflated picture for about 10 seconds; you'll likely get more entertainment out of the GIF animation that Old Navy will send as a keepsake. Nonetheless, this might be your best chance at getting a picture of yourself that truly stands out. If you manage to get one, let us know what it looks like in the comments.