Macworld runs down everything you need to know about iCloud security


If you've been a bit confused over the various iCloud security tweaks and alterations that have cropped up over the past few months, you're absolutely not alone. Apple's two-factor authentication, the company's recent security tweak that pushes more notifications of account activity to your various devices, and the introduction of app-specific passwords has left even experienced users with spinning heads, but Macworld's Glenn Fleishman lays it all out in a great new explainer that is definitely worth a read.

The key takeaways here are that yes, you should absolutely be using Apple's two-factor authentication -- here's how to set it up, by the way -- especially now that it offers extended protection to iCloud and your backups. Despite any fear mongering you may have heard or read about the risk of losing your account forever due to misplaced passwords or broken devices, the chances of this actually happening by accident are so slim as to be trivial, and your personal security should outweigh this concern.