You can't upgrade the new Mac mini's RAM

Apple Mac mini

If you're planning to snag the new Mac mini and load it up with aftermarket memory, you may want to reconsider your strategy. Macminicolo owner Brian Stucki (among others) has discovered that the RAM in Apple's latest tiny desktop isn't upgradable, much as you'd expect with the company's laptops and the 21-inch iMac. The move isn't completely surprising given that the Mac mini is basically a MacBook in different clothing, but it's a step backward given how relatively easy it was to upgrade the previous generation. All that you can do now is replace the hard drive, provided you're willing to void your warranty. You'll have to consider buying either a higher-end model or a custom order to get more RAM, and both of those options are typically more expensive than adding RAM yourself. This limitation isn't necessarily a deal breaker, but it's unfortunate if you like the idea of upgrading a Mac on your own terms.