'Doctor Who' will soon teach kids how to code

The BBC is tapping everyone's favorite time-traveling doctor to help get kids into coding. The broadcaster is launching The Doctor and the Dalek, a Doctor Who-themed game that features a number of puzzles designed to instill the fundamentals of programming in players. It ties in with the BBC's recently announced initiative to help children understand coding, and the puzzles are crafted to compliment the English computing curriculum. In order to reach their goal, players will need to rely on instruction combinations (as seen in the image above), changing variables and working with repetitions and loops.

The game features voice work by the current doctor, Peter Capaldi, and will tell a new story from Phil Ford, who has written both Doctor Who episodes and online games in the past. We'll find out if The Doctor and the Dalek succeeds in enthralling children soon -- it launches this Wednesday -- but if a Doctor Who tie-in can't persuade kids to get interested in coding, then we don't know what will.