Ferrari's hybrid commits sacrilege, rolls in electric-only mode

Pop quiz, hotshot. How much horsepower do you get with a 789HP V12 and 160HP electric motor? Any Ferrari fan knows the (insane) answer: 949. That's the total output from the $1.69 million hybrid LaFerrari, and Ferrari has always said that both motors would always work as one to produce it -- no electric-only mode. But a new video has shown the limited-edition supercar rolling out of its garage as silently as a cat before the V12 comes alive. It's mighty strange to see a dead-quiet Ferrari (especially considering its past stance on EVs), even if it was just for a few hundred yards. We're not sure if that means it'll now do that in stop and start driving like your hippy uncle's Prius, though Ferrari has promised a 5-mile EV-only mode on future cars. Not that it's going to help the EPA numbers -- it is a 217MPH car, after all.