Sean Parker's post-wedding punishment includes making a beach-finding app

A few things happened after Napster co-founder and former Facebook president Sean Parker got married in a gorgeous redwood forest in Big Sur, California. The California Coastal Commission took him to task for creating a bizarre fantasy realm without the proper permits. Journalists gleefully jumped into the fray. He wrote a nearly 10,000 word defense of his wedding that also served as a meandering takedown of "internet journalism". As it turns out, Parker's penance wasn't just limited to a $2.5 million charity payout -- SFGate reports he's working on a beach-locating app for the very agency that he ignored when creating his dream wedding.

In case you don't live on the West Coast, all of California's beaches are public beaches. Theoretically they shouldn't be that hard to get to, right? Well, there's plenty of real estate (some of it belonging to profoundly rich old men who try sometimes block beach roads) dotting the landscape, making it tricky for visitors to find the ocean without stumbling into private property first. Parker's app is meant to help visitors navigate their way to the water, and it looks like his crew's got plenty of time to finish it up. According to a document made available the commission, the app will be iOS-only -- Google fans like the beach, too, California -- and should be available no later than mid-2015.