Nielsen and Adobe are teaming up to apply TV-style ratings to the internet

You've probably heard of the Nielsen Ratings, which are the figures relating to the number of people who watch a particular TV series. It's these statistics that Hollywood uses to decide if your favorite show gets a second season or if it'll only live on in fan fiction. Unfortunately, with more and more entertainment being delivered online, a TV ratings company isn't much use to anyone. That's why Nielsen has teamed up with Adobe to begin rating pretty much everything on the internet. By splicing Nielsen's audience know-how with Adobe's online analytics and video tools, the pair promise to be able to work out which gets more attention: news websites, social media, blogs or that video of the cat running head-first into a glass door. The system will go live at some point in 2015 with Sony, ESPN and Viacom already saying that they'll be signing up, hopefully so that we can finally find out, once and for all, if anything is more enjoyable than that video of the cat running head-first into the glass door.