Ford's next cars will brake by themselves to avoid collisions

Ford's Pre-Collision Assist in testing

Automakers like Subaru and Volvo have had automatic anti-collision braking for a while, but what if you're a Ford fan? You won't have to wait long. The Blue Oval has revealed that it's adding its own smart braking system (Pre-Collision Assist) as an option for new cars, starting with the 2015 Mondeo sedan's launch in Europe this year. The technology is familiar, but it should be enough to prevent or mitigate collisions during the daytime. A combination of a camera and radar helps recognize upcoming cars and pedestrians; the vehicle will warn you about potential accidents, and will also brake as much as necessary if it believes you're in imminent danger. While the assistant isn't a true substitute for a keen eye and quick reflexes -- at least, not right now -- it's good to have that additional safety net.