NYPD is getting equipped with over 40,000 mobile devices

Thanks to a massive $160 million investment, the New York City Police Department is on its way to receive a combination of up to 41,000 smartphones and tablets. Known as the NYPD Mobility Initiative, which will be mostly financed by criminal asset funds provided by the Manhattan DA's Office, the goal is to provide the the city's law enforcement with tools that can improve and streamline their overall workflow. NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio said there are a few key elements to this plan, such as offering better case support for detectives, providing features including real-time 911 data, enhanced database access for patrol staff, quick entry points to info like Amber Alerts and email accounts for every officer.

The new Mobility Initiative is set to be funded over the next three years, with the NYPD expected to get a total of 35,000 handsets for officers and 6,000 cars equipped with ruggedized tablets. "In an emergency, every minute counts, and this initiative will allow our officers in the field to get up-to-date, accurate information and process critical information anywhere in the city. I am thankful for the Manhattan District Attorney for being such a great partner to the City, and for his efforts to secure this much-needed investment that will benefit all New Yorkers for years to come," stated de Blasio.

[Image credit: Gustavo Stumpf/Flickr]