Meet friends and make new ones with Fanatic

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One of the great enjoyment of watching sporting events is to be able to share the moment with friends and other fans of your favorite teams. Now with Fanatic, a free universal app, you can do just that even more easily than before.

Fanatic is a sport social media app that hooks you up with places to go watch the games. If you are a Patriots fan for example you would be much happier in a place that caters to New England fans rather than in a bar full of Jets supporters. Now you can find out where the best places are to watch your favorite teams.

Once you set up your profile which is just your name and location, you can start using the app. Next you select all your favorite teams from the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, NCAA basketball and football, MLS, and all the major European soccer leagues. Once Fanatic has that information users receive a list of upcoming games featuring all their favorite teams. If you tap your favorite team you get a list of the top places to watch that team's game across the entire U.S.


Users can also select an upcoming game with one of their favorites and the app offers up the best place locally to watch the game. If there isn't a fan favorite watering hole in your town, the app provides a list of the best local spots to watch the game. Users can also add their favorite places to the list.

Fanatic features a search function that users can find specific bars or restaurants. The app also brings up a list of local places. Tapping on the name brings up a page with the bars address, where it ranks among all the places in that community and a list of what team's fans congregate there on game days.
On the search page besides the list of best overall venues to watch games users will can select maps. The map will bring up all the spots on the list so you can more easily locate them. It also uses logos of teams to indicate the top group of fans that go to that spot. This is also where you can select another city and find places to watch in case you are on a vacation or out of town working.

Fanatic screenshots

Unlike other sports apps you won't use this app to track all the news, scores, and statistics about a specific sport or your favorite team. Fanatic does offer a news feed consisting of material culled from other sites including Twitter but it won't compete with the major sports news outlets. However, those sites can't compete with Fanatic on putting you in a comfortable spot to watch your favorite team and share the moment with other fans.