Metareview: Sunset Overdrive

Maybe you noticed, but we really liked spending time with Sunset Overdrive. Our five-star review of Insomniac's outlandish action game based in the apocalyptic Sunset City praised its variety in elements like mission structure and weaponry. Thanks to gear like the "rapid-fire weapon that launches vinyl albums" or "handheld helicopters with pistols dangling from strings," we found Sunset Overdrive to be "an MC Escher painting of comic book violence, with physics taking a back seat to personality and fun."

Don't only take our word for it, though. Head past the break for a glance at other critical looks at the "complete and purposeful" game.

  • Game Informer (9.25/10): "It's a colorful return to form for Insomniac games, and a hell of an exclusive for Xbox One."

  • USGamer (4.5/5): "Getting around the city is an absolute treat, the weapons are a blast, the script was enjoyable, and customization is top-notch. Sunset Overdrive makes me glad that I own an Xbox One."

  • Destructoid (8.5/10): "Sunset Overdrive may have a few flaws inherent to many open-world games and lack an engaging narrative, but it's an incredibly fun, vibrant game that's a nice break from the overly gritty tone we see far too often in today's market."

  • Shacknews (8/10): "Sunset Overdrive is a very different kind of game for Insomniac, but it trades well on all the experiences that brought the studio here."

  • GamesRadar (4/5): "Sunset Overdrive is an exciting, self-confident thrill ride with strengths that easily make up for its weaknesses."

[Image: Microsoft]