Tim Cook explains why the iPod Classic had to die

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Mat Smith
October 27, 2014 11:52 PM
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Tim Cook explains why the iPod Classic had to die

It was the best question pitched to Apple CEO at WSJD's Live conference: Why was the iPod discontinued? Apparently it's a very simple reason: "We couldn't get the parts any more," explained Tim Cook. "They don't make them any more." While the iPod Classic isn't exactly a creaky transistor radio just yet, that's how it went down. "We would have to make a whole new product.... the engineering work to do that would be massive." The difficult truth that some of you probably don't want to hear: "The number of people who wanted it is very small." So pour one out for the iPod Classic -- and hit up eBay if you're still craving a clickwheel.

Nicole Lee contributed to this story.

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