You can finally play the best-ever Star Wars games on a modern PC (updated)

Forget that upcoming Battlefront game for now -- the Star Wars titles that hardcore fans have really been looking for are finally here. Good Old Games has announced official re-releases of X-Wing and TIE Fighter that let you play these legendary space combat games (arguably, the best Star Wars games ever) on a modern PC without resorting to bootleg copies or hacks. They'll cost $10 each when they arrive on October 28th, and they're Special Editions that include both the CD-ROM content (SVGA graphics! Voiceovers!) as well as all the expansion packs. If you've been waiting two decades to once more recreate the Death Star trench run or blow up a Rebel frigate, your moment has come.

Update: As you may have suspected, GOG posted those game links prematurely -- they disappeared shortly after we posted our story. Come back on the 28th and they should work properly.