Korean press miffed at lack of flagship Apple Store

apple store

South Korea really loves Apple's new iPhones. The company managed to outpace pre-orders of the Galaxy Note 4 -- which comes from South Korea-based Samsung -- more than three times over. Unfortunately, the South Korean press hasn't been quite as charmed by Apple, and as Patently Apple points out, some reports coming out of the country are taking an oddly envious tone in regards to other countries getting official Apple Store treatment.

"Apple announced on Oct. 26 that it is going to set up 25 more Apple Stores in China within two years in addition to the 15 already open," reads one report. "However, the company is not running any Apple Store in Korea, although it has done business in the country for five years," it continues, adding "Even Zimbabwe has one."

The reporter cites an unnamed "industry insider" who claims that Apple would only consider a store in a couple of locations in South Korea, and that the cost of renting a space is a key factor in Apple not having set up shop in the country yet. The report wraps up by questioning "when Apple is going to take proper care of Korean customers."