Never miss an exciting ball game with Thuuz

Thuuz Sports screenshots

I am sure you are like most sports fans and can tell horror stories about how you missed a last second shot, or a pitcher throwing a no-hitter, or a hail-mary to win the game because you weren't in front of a TV or were watching another game. Thuuz Sports, a free universal app, should help make sure that doesn't happen again. The app requires iOS 7.0.

You can select your favorite teams or leagues from all the major American sports plus European soccer leagues, in addition to golf, tennis, and cricket. Once you have your favorites ready to go Thuuz Sports sets itself apart from the others. The app rates all the games and matches on a scale of 1-100 for excitement. This makes it easy in advance to see what games could be the ones to watch and the scale changes as the game proceeds so when it gets down to the final few moments and the score is tied or one team is driving for the winning field goal, the scale gets to its highest point. The excitement level is designated in a small circle in front of the game and the color changes as the game's excitement level rises.

Thuuz Sports screenshots

Users can set up an alert system in Thuuz Sports to get notifications of the start of the the game, scoring changes and if the excitement number goes up. You can set your interest at one of three levels from casual fan all the way up to fanatic. The number of excitement alerts you will receive is determined by your setting. That allows you to get lots of updates from your favorite teams and fewer from other teams in their division or league.

Once you receive an update, the app includes a TV data base to tell you where to switch and see the game if you want. It will also help you locate the closest sports bar based on your current location. So no more reasons for you to miss the dramatic ending of games.

Thuuz Sports screenshots

Thuuz Sports also has other features. Users can check out a feed that includes comments from other users, links to highlights and game wrap-ups. It also offers a fantasy section. Users can enter their fantasy players and then set up alerts for each player to follow how they are doing or if they are injured.

Other apps can do as well keeping you informed with scores and stats, but Thuuz Sports is the only one I have found that keeps you informed and helps you see the exciting finishes to games.