MSI's latest gaming laptop packs a mechanical keyboard

Using a laptop for gaming usually means making a few sacrifices, including the keyboard; you often have to make do with thin, flat keys that don't compare to what you get with many desktops. You won't have to compromise on input with MSI's new GT80 Titan, though. The 18-inch behemoth has room for a mechanical keyboard with the Cherry Brown MX switches that many keyboard purists covet. It should not only feel better under your fingers, but work more reliably in the heat of virtual battle. The number pad doesn't get the same treatment, but it's cleverly tucked into the trackpad area to save space.

The company isn't divulging availability, pricing or additional specs just yet, but it's taking sign-ups if you want to get the full scoop the moment everything is available. It's not hard to spot the large Dynaudio speaker area, though. Also, it's reasonable to presume that a laptop in this class is going to have both high-end horsepower and the large price tag to match -- this is going to be a desktop replacement in every sense.