Engadget Expand is all about you. And us. But really, you.

Engadget Expand is our annual event that's all about you -- our fans. It's not your typical tech conference that's priced for people fortunate to have an expense account. We make the event completely FREE thanks to our generous sponsors, giving you the chance to experience the future -- right now. And while you're at it, you get to meet your favorite Engadget editors.

When you join us at the Javits Center North in New York City next week on November 7-8, you'll be set loose on our show floor. You can check out some of our exhibitors and get your hands on gadgets that people can't buy yet (or in some cases, build your own in our workshops), head to our Expand stage and hear from some smart and inspiring people and so much more.

Taking over our stage

Our stage will ooze intelligence thanks to our banner lineup of experts and influencers in the tech and science worlds. On Friday, musician and producer RJD2 will melt faces and blow minds (you'll have to wait to see how). Then, on Saturday, DARPA's Arati Prabhakar will talk about the future of defense with our Editor-In-Chief, Michael Gorman. That afternoon, four-time Olympic Medalist Angela Ruggiero will be there to talk about how technology is helping athletes perform better and stay safer.

We'll also have a robot dance party, talk about VR's use outside gaming, life on Mars, the future of food and a lot more including our Insert Coin competition, where these 10 semi-finalists will show off their projects onstage at Expand for a shot at our $10,000 Judges' Choice and $15,000 Reader's Choice awards.

What else can you expect during our two-day event? Peruse our full schedule for yourself and thumb through the gallery above to see our roster of speakers.

Get your hands dirty

Bring lotion, because your hands are going to get a workout. We've grabbed some of our friends at Make: Magazine, LEGO®, DODOcase, SparkFun and Eyebeam to set up workshops designed so that even the most novice tech nerd can walk away amazed at what they did.

For example, you can meet the folks from DODOcase and build your own cardboard VR headset that works with your smartphone (the above is a similar version by Google, given out at this year's I/O). Make: Magazine will offer a couple of workshops, one of which will let you build a gadget that brings human interaction and social media together. And you can watch folks build a robot using LEGO® MINDSTORMS®.

Our workshops run on a schedule during the weekend, so definitely check out our itinerary and get to the exhibits early, as supplies are limited.

Eat 3D Printed Fruit (and more!)

You'll get advice from the Geek Squad, experience 3D Fruit Printing with Dovetailed, wear a Ringly, ride LEIF, put on KOR-FX and a whole lot more. What else can you expect? Flip through the gallery below or head to our sponsors page to find out more.

And now for some light housekeeping...

If you're going to be in New York City November 7-8, get your free tickets right here and we'll see you at the Javits Center North. Since it's a free event, there likely will be lines to get in, but we'll make it go as fast as possible to get you in... faster. It's also a good idea to check out these directions to make your trip to the Javits Center even smoother.

If you're not going to be anywhere near New York City, we'll pack our site with dispatches from the show floor and our livestream from the stage (which, you can even Chromecast to your TV to watch all the Expand action while in your boxers).