HP teamed up with a fashion designer to make a stunning smartwatch

As beautiful as the look of the Moto 360 is, there are people who would prefer something that's styled more like a traditional watch. For this, the MB Chronowing, created by fashion designer Michael Bastian and engineered by HP, could be the perfect solution. The new wearable, which will be compatible with iOS and Android, combines smartwatch features with an appearance reminiscent of older watches. Aside from that, the MB Chronowing can let you control your music right from your wrist, as well as display email/text notifications and sync with a calendar or alarm. And, better yet, it does these things while looking quite elegant -- after all, it does come from a fashion designer.

It will be available on the website on November 7th, starting at $349 for the base, silver-plated model; if you're willing to spend $649, the black one comes with sapphire glass and an alligator strap. Yes, an alligator strap.

[Image credit: F. Martin Ramin/The Wall Street Journal]