AT&T and Verizon want your LTE calls to cross networks

As nice as it is that the big US carriers are starting to roll out high-quality calls over LTE, there's a big catch: those calls don't cross networks, so you're frequently stuck with regular voice service. Happily, that's going to change soon. AT&T and Verizon have revealed plans to make voice over LTE work between their systems in 2015. If all goes well, you'll get pristine-sounding conversations when you reach a Verizon customer from your AT&T phone (and vice versa).

As for playing nicely with other networks? Well, that depends. Sprint is still being cautious with its VoLTE launch. T-Mobile, meanwhile, has already been testing interoperability -- as CEO John Legere is eager to point out, AT&T and Verizon may be late to the party. Whoever can claim bragging rights, the upgrades are good news if you've ever had trouble making out muddy calls.