PayPal now lets you pay for packages days after you order them

PayPal lockers at a concert

Wish you didn't have to pay for online orders before they showed up? You won't have to, if you've loaded up a PayPal account. In the wake of a trial run, the company has formally rolled out Pay After Delivery, a service that gives you up to 14 days after your order to cough up the necessary funds. PayPal gives retailers money right away -- it's just waiting for you to pay the difference. Suffice it to say that this will come in handy if you have a high-priority order (say, a holiday gift) that can't wait until you have the necessary funds.

That's not the only update today. PayPal has also forged a deal with Tillster to let you pay for Burger King meals through the restaurant's mobile app, even before you arrive; it'll only charge you for that Whopper when you give a code to the cashier. The option should reach all of the chain's US locations by the end of the year. You're out of luck if you eat elsewhere, but this could save time during your next fast food craving.

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Burger King mobile app for  iOS with a PayPal option