Android Wear will soon be a remote control for your Sonos speakers

Picture the scene: you're throwing a house party with guests sipping at your expensive whiskey and a good time is being had by all. Suddenly, unexpectedly, the Hamster Dance pops up on the Sonos - curse your eclectic music tastes - and the atmosphere suddenly turns restless. Never fear, because soon you'll be able to nudge the track to something more suitable just by banging a finger on your Moto 360. Sonos has revealed that it's currently beta-testing a control app for Android Wear devices that'll enable you to play DJ from the comfort of your wrist. iOS users are also apparently getting some love, too, since Zatz Not Funny is reporting that an iPhone lock screen widget is also being hammered out in the company's secret testing labs. Now you just need to move the Hamster Dance off your number one party playlist and you'll be sorted.

[Image Credit: Robert / Sonos Forums]