Burger King is selling mutton Whoppers on eBay

You haven't misread that headline. As it gears up to open its first-ever restaurant in the country, Burger King India is turning to eBay to help drive sales. The world's second-largest burger outlet is hoping to persuade potential customers to pre-order burgers through the popular auction site. For the promotional price of 128 rupees (roughly $2.08), locals can purchase a voucher for one of Burger King's mutton-based Whopper burgers. Due to the large percentage of Indians that don't eat beef, the chain has localized its signature burger by offering mutton-, chicken- and vegetable-based alternatives.

The promotion runs through to Wednesday, after which the company will (it hopes) send out thousands of vouchers to customers, ready for redemption when New Delhi's first Burger King opens this Sunday. It's unclear if Burger King will continue to partner with eBay to launch new products -- the auction seems as much a promotional tool as it does a direct sales tactic -- but this is nonetheless one of the more interesting uses of eBay we've ever seen.