Nest's smart thermostat now shows much more info at a glance

For all of the things Nest's smart thermostat has learned to do, its interface hasn't made a lot of progress; you frequently have to dig to see more than just the basics. You'll have a much easier time of it after today, though. Nest is now rolling out a version 4.3 update that includes Quick View, a reworked interface that gives you more info at a glance. Push in the ring and you can quickly check both the outdoor temperature and humidity before you leave home -- handy if you're unsure about bringing your jacket. Spinning the ring, meanwhile, shows you a summary of everything associated with a given category. You can see the next scheduled temperature change, fan settings and other nice-to-know facts without wading into the menus.

There are some under-the-hood updates, too. A better auto-scheduler should be considerably faster at adapting to sudden changes, such as a new work shift; Nest reckons that you could save another 6 percent on your cooling and heating bills. You can also use a new System Test to spot any problems, whether you want to check a fresh thermostat installation or want to show a mechanic what's wrong. The upgrade should hit your device within about a week, so you won't have to wait long for a simpler (or at least, less headache-inducing) way to control your home's climate.