Obituary: Mac OS X Hints might be "pining for the fjords"

Title bar from Mac OS X Hints website

Over the years, one of the top websites other than TUAW for getting hints about Mac OS X was Macworld's Mac OS X Hints. Now a post by former Macworld blogger Rob Griffiths is paying last respects to the site 14 years after it first went live. The site is still online, but as Griffiths notes, it hasn't been updated in over 45 days.

Whether the silence from Mac OS X Hints is part of Macworld's recent downsizing or just a momentary lapse in new hints thanks to a "perfect" OS X Yosemite, that type of silence from a blog usually doesn't spell good news. Griffiths created a chart showing just how few hints have been published this year compared to earlier years when things were really moving along:

Mac OS X Hints production over the years

The site used to be one of my favorites when I was doing consulting in the mid to late 00's, as it was the place to find tips and hints that you just couldn't find anywhere else. It could be that the shakeups at IDG have caused the Macworld team to forget about Mac OS X Hints, or perhaps it is gone for good and they're just keeping the corpse warm as a courtesy for folks who still want help with OS X. Whatever the cause, it's sad to see such a great site leave the blogosphere.

Note: if you're wondering what "pining for the fjords" means, I suggest watching the classic Monty Python "Dead Parrot" sketch.