Onyx communicator lets you live out your 'Star Trek' dreams for $99

Don't deny it — at some point, you watched Star Trek and wondered when you could simply slap a device on your chest to speak with your crew. You won't have to wait hundreds of years, thankfully. OnBeep has just unveiled the Onyx, a clothing-worn communicator that lets you chat with groups just by pressing a button. The Bluetooth add-on lets you securely message up to 15 people once using your Android phone or iPhone as the home base; you can also see where they are and whether they're available. The saucer-shaped design isn't nearly as discreet as Captain Picard's badge, but it's light and won't wreck your favorite shirt.

You can pre-order the Onyx now for $99, and the first wave of orders should arrive in December. That's a lot of money for what you might see as a wearable speakerphone. However, OnBeep suggests that this simplicity is part of the appeal — you can focus more on coordinating with friends and colleagues, and less on getting the conversation started.